Deanna FordAuthor and speaker Deanna Ford is a woman with a mission. A military musician turned eco-optimist, she earned a Masters in Environmental Studies degree, is a founding member and the Festival Chair for the Thunder Bay Environmental Film Festival and is a founding member of the International Environmental Communication Association. Deanna knows the diversity of problems and solutions that exist.

Deanna believes it is possible to have a healthy and vibrant planet where all people and species can co-exist respectfully. She is passionate about sharing this message.

In an engaging yet gentle manner, Deanna helps the audience understand how we are connected to the collective impact we are having on the planet, regardless of where we live.  If we don’t have a healthy environment, we are all impacted.  And, our children are impacted now and into their future.

Good news!  Deanna shares the good news that change is possible and she provides a glimpse into what can be done through the sharing of stories about people who are already taking action and the successes they have had.

Deanna FordHer call to action?  There is still so much to do that we need everyone to do something.  And more good news…  there are lots of things to do that range from a little time to a lot if you can do it.

Fun?  Because she loves having fun and sharing, she wants others to see that we can actually have a lot of fun and fulfillment while making the world a better place for all.

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What people are saying about Deanna:

     “As someone who agrees strongly with her message, I am impressed with her courage in spreading the message. It is direly needed in Thunder bay and environs. The presentation was hard hitting but also gentle and respectful.  I would endorse her as a speaker/advocate on the matter to any group showing an interest or for whom relevant change in attitude and action is a possibility.”    David A Legge MD, President, Thunder Bay Field Naturalists, Past President, Port Arthur Rotary Club-Thunder Bay

   “Deanna’s presentation on why birds fly into windows was engaging and inspiring. Rarely have I learned about such devastation of the natural world by humans and emerged so full of hope. Let other environmental activists take a page from this eco-optimist’s book!”  Emesha Boyko – Thunder Bay Field Naturalists

     “Your talk “Invisible Barriers: Bird-Window Collisions Taking Their Toll” is most informative and enjoyable and in my opinion suitable for a wide audience.  I think teachers would be most interested in having young people receive this information.  It would raise awareness for future generations.  As a Field Naturalist I very much enjoyed it.”  Kathleen Duffield

     “Wonderful & passionate presenter!  Very eye opening, informative & interactive.  Deanna was a joy to listen to and was able to bring hope and humour into a very sad topic.”  Jennifer Hyytiainen – Community Program Developer City of Thunder Bay.




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