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  1. Kaaren Brown says:

    Along with Susan Reynolds, I recently was recognized by the City of Kingston for service in the community for twenty-four years of playing in the C&E Military Band. Susan is still playing but, being seriously OLD, I gave back the horn about three years ago.
    I was remembering that night, all those years ago, when, as a member of the board of the Kingston Choral Society, I was “chatting-up” new singers. My question to your reply about what you were doing in Kingston was “how are you fixed for horns?” Two weeks later I was in the band.
    From the age of twelve when I started in the school band, I have never owned a horn. This makes me a big supporter of school music programs. I’ve also come to realize that, as a class through-out the world, military band players must be the most versatile simply from the wildly different gigs they had to play–and march, too. : )
    I also gained a huge appreciation of military life which was very important to me. Most people in this historicly military/academic town don’t understand the military and think the academics are snobs.

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