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Deanna Ford is an author, speaker, filmmaker, and eco-optimist.  A military musician turned environmental advocate, she is the author of a soon-to-be-released books on speaking and another on environmental action.  She holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Brandon University in Brandon, Manitoba and a Master in Environmental Studies degree from York University in Toronto, Ontario.

Deanna is a busy member of the Board of Promo 2016 sittingDirectors for the Thunder Bay Environmental Film Network (EFN) and is currently holding the position of Vice President.  The EFN screens environmental documentary films once a month through the fall, winter and spring.  A big project for the EFN is the Thunder Bay Environmental Film Festival.  This year it will take place April 20-24, 2016.  For this, Deanna sits as Festival Chair and Sponsorship Manager.

Deanna was the Class Facilitator for the New Directions Speakers’ School from August 2014 through June 2016.  She taught public speaking and advocacy skills.

Deanna originally hails from British Columbia but has spent most of her adult life in Ontario.  She served for nearly 25 years in the Canadian Forces Reserves as a musician playing the trumpet and for 9 years she held the full time position of Bandmaster for the Canadian Force’s volunteer band located in Kingston ON.

Concern for the environment compelled her to leave Kingston and return to school where she completed a Master of Environmental Studies degree in 2008. At York University’s Faculty of Environmental Studies, she studied media, culture, environmental education and documentary film.

Deanna’ documentary film “What’s All the ‘FLAP’ About?!” screened in the 8th Annual Planet in Focus International Environmental Film and Video Festival at the University of Toronto in 2007. It can be viewed here.

Deanna moved to Thunder Bay 8 years ago and became active in the local environmental community.  While music will always remain a passion, concern for the environment is where her focus is now.


What people are saying about Deanna:

     “As someone who agrees strongly with her message, I am impressed with her courage in spreading the message. It is direly needed in Thunder bay and environs. The presentation was hard hitting but also gentle and respectful.  I would endorse her as a speaker/advocate on the matter to any group showing an interest or for whom relevant change in attitude and action is a possibility.”    David A Legge MD, President, Thunder Bay Field Naturalists, Past President, Port Arthur Rotary Club-Thunder Bay

     “Your talk “Invisible Barriers: Bird-Window Collisions Taking Their Toll” is most informative and enjoyable and in my opinion suitable for a wide audience.  I think teachers would be most interested in having young people receive this information.  It would raise awareness for future generations.  As a Field Naturalist I very much enjoyed it.”  Kathleen Duffield

     “Wonderful & passionate presenter!  Very eye opening, informative & interactive.  Deanna was a joy to listen to and was able to bring hope and humour into a very sad topic.”  Jennifer Hyytiainen – Community Program Developer City of Thunder Bay.

     “Deanna’s presentation on why birds fly into windows was engaging and inspiring. Rarely have I learned about such devastation of the natural world by humans and emerged so full of hope. Let other environmental activists take a page from this eco-optimist’s book!”  Emesha Boyko – Thunder Bay Field Naturalists


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Memberships and activities:

Thunder Bay Environmental Film Network:  Vice President of Board of Directors

Thunder Bay Environmental Film Festival:  Festival Chair

Environment Northmember

Council of Canadians – member

International Environmental Communication Association:  Founding member

Silver Tongues of the 55 Plus Centre Toastmasters Club:  Treasurer

Heart of the Harbour Toastmasters Club: Treasurer





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  1. Scott Harris says:

    Dear Deanna,
    I enjoyed your ” inaugural” entries, and appreciated the links, though I haven’t had time to follow up yet. My own blogsite is quite static in that regard, and I have work to do.
    The ” One Cup” entry reminded me of Roberta Bondar’s preface to Shaping Our Schools, Shaping Our Future, Environmental Education in Ontario Schools:
    “After observing the planet for eight days from space, I have a deeper interest and respect for the
    forces that shape our world. Each particle of soil, each plant and animal is special. I also marvel at the creativity and ingenuity of our own species, but at the same time, I wonder why we all cannot see that we create our future each day, and that our local actions affect the global community, today as well as for generations to come.”

    Looking forward to further entries.

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