Gifts Not Garbage

We’re nearly through the biggest shopping season of the year. I wrote some thoughts about this a couple years ago but I thought they may be useful again this year. Please let me know what you think in the comments. Cheers and happy season to you!

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As we head into the gift giving season that it is for so many, I wonder how many people will give things that will last for any length of time.  In The Story of Stuff Annie Leonard tells us that most of what we buy only stays in our homes for about 6 months.  Will the items you are fretting about buying right now in order to make this ‘the best Christmas ever’ be out the door by July?

In many ways this is unavoidable because so much of what is for sale is made so poorly.  I’ve seen $80 sweaters begin losing their sequins after the first wear.  I’ve seen threads coming out undergarments’ waistbands after the second wearing and cooking utensils that break after only a few uses since bringing them home.  In a news article I read a number of months ago, someone’s 20-year old jeans were…

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