Chemical Scents: They’re Everywhere!

I’ve written about chemical scents and health impacts in posts such as “Snake Oil?” but not recently. When I read Dr. Molot’s post recently, I just knew I wanted to share it and now was as good a time as any!

Dr. Molot practices environmental medicine and has plenty of experience with the negative effects of chemicals on the human system after seeing and helping more than 12,000 people. But his article addresses all of us and he explains why even if you don’t see a correlation between your health and the chemicals you use, you should still reconsider your use of them. I highly recommend this article and with his permission I am sharing it.

John Molot

I took this unusual picture at a road stop in a rural town in Quebec. No one asked me if I wanted to get deodorizer sprayed in my face while I was standing at this urinal.


However, people with multiple chemical sensitivity risk getting sick whenever they go into a public washroom because most bathroom facilities have deodorizers that spray toxic chemicals intermittently in order to cover unpleasant odours with other subjectively preferable scents. 

How about walking into a major department store? You can’t shop there without walking through the cosmetic and perfume section. Why are my patients forced to walk by a cocktail of scents when they enter many drug stores in order to fill the prescription that I wrote for them to control the symptoms that these kinds of exposures provoke? More than 40% of people who suffer from migraines report perfume as a trigger. Why do they…

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