Corn Gave My Son Depression

I came across this blog article recently and was stunned by her story. I thought that perhaps others might benefit from her sharing of how corn affects her son. Corn is everywhere. You have to go to great lengths to avoid it as it is in just about everything for sale in a store. From pop to chickens, chocolate bars to french fries, it is shocking where manufacturers have used it. Is corn something we should avoid? Read this article for some food for thought.

Allergy and Depression

cam_cap Photo by Ami Kyle

My oldest son as an infant and toddler was a very happy boy. Always laughing, playing and making jokes. He charmed everyone he met and my husband and I were told by several complete strangers that he was “too happy”. How can a child be too happy?

As he grew older, he would often complain about his stomach hurting, usually after eating a meal. He liked to eat macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches and quesadillas. He also loved popcorn and tortilla chips as snacks. I usually dismissed his complaints as a need for him to use the bathroom and didn’t give it a lot of thought, but I did try to pay attention to what foods he ate to see if any resulted in him feeling pain. I didn’t keep a food log for him, although perhaps I should have. I did know he had…

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