Knowledge is power

I saw this post about chemicals in our lives by the co-author of a compelling book and I wanted to share it with you. Chemicals have severely invaded our everyday life. Some have said we’re living an experiment and we’re the subjects of that experiment! This post is informative and the book looks really compelling. The good news is that thanks to information such as this, you can make more informed decisions that will protect you and your family. Please Like and Share this post so more will benefit from it. Thanks.


Happy 2014 everybody!

This week’s blog was written by Alice Shabecoff, co-author with her husband Philip of Poisoned Profits: The Toxic Assault on our ChildrenPoisoned ProfitsI think she raises some issues that we all should be thinking about – and I agree with her statement that this isn’t all doom and gloom, because once we have knowledge of what some chemicals can do to us, we have the power to change it.  See what you think:

As we watched each of our five grandchildren and their friends enter this world and begin their life’s journey, it became more and more clear that something is amiss with this generation. How are your children and your friends’ children doing?

Most likely, one in three of the children you know in this generation suffers from a chronic illness. Perhaps it’s cancer, or birth defects, perhaps asthma, or a problem that affects the…

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2 Responses to Knowledge is power

  1. wisreader says:

    Hi Deanna,
    I know about the Shabecoff book, and a little about the issues with chemicals that it explores. I was glad to see you promote it here at “e-musing things” – these are such important issues, and I believe we should all try to pay more attention to the chemicals in our world! You are helping.

  2. Deanna says:

    Hi, Thanks for commenting and your kind words! It is really shocking how many chemicals there are. We recently screened the movie The Human Experiment with the film festival I help organize and we had a great discussion afterwards about it. It’s crazy that stores are filled with hazardous products. The festival was the Thunder Bay Environmental Film Festival and we celebrated 5 years this time around!

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