An e~musing article. Please enjoy this guest post by Bonnie Lee from 222 million tons.

222 million tons

It’s a Montreal thing–and a darn clever one at that. It’s simple, practical, sustainable, cheap, and edible. It is a ball of pizza dough, placed at the center of the pizza before cooking, that protects the pizza from the cardboard cover. And yet, it hasn’t caught on. Instead, people gush over something that is wasteful, unsustainable, and proprietary: a plastic tripod that is made in China and shipped to pizza shops all over the United States.

Yes, I know. Take-away pizza is hardly the smart choice to reduce one’s carbon footprint. Those boxes they come in (not to mention the fuel to bring your cheesy pie home) are sinful. But, at least the box is compostable–that plastic tripod has no redeeming feature.

The expense of those tripods alone puzzles me. Its almost like we want to be wasteful.

Yet there is a simple, sustainable option: the pizza dough ball.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this. Only a few times have we ever seen the plastic tripod on our pizzas. One place in Omaha, where we used to live, they put some type of pepper in the middle of their pizza. I think it is one of those banana peppers like you see in salads. Maybe it served the same purpose, I had not thought of it before. I never saw dough balls, but that is a neat idea.

    I like how someone commented that they use pizza boxes as a weed barrier in their garden. Now that, is a great idea.

    • Deanna says:

      I remember seeing them when I was younger but I’ve moved quite a bit and started seeing the plastic centre thingie. The dough ball makes so much more sense than wasting plastic this way. It was a post I had to share.

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