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Command the Stage: A Speaker’s Guide to Using Notes Strategically to Develop and Deliver Better Speeches

Command the Stage is a short and easy-to-read book written in a conversational manner. The speech development process is addressed with strategies for each step of the way from the initial idea of a speech topic to the first draft, through how and why to practice while continuing to develop the speech into a strong and organized presentation of ideas. Readers will find strategies for creating a visual landscape on the page that helps their eyes navigate it more easily through practice sessions and even into the delivery if so desired or needed. Other chapters address critical pre-event preparations, alternative ways to create notes, the actual presentation itself and ways to set up visual overhead presentations effectively if they are needed. Command the Stage addresses the speaker’s use of notes as the important tool they are, throughout the entire speech development process.  Buy it on AMAZON.

Command the Stage is perfect for the person who is concerned about giving speeches at work or in their community and may not know where to begin. It is also for speakers actively working to take their skills to the next level. The strategies fit a variety of speaking situations including boardroom briefings, school presentations, church sermons, community meeting presentations, toasts and eulogies, emceeing and even TED talk preparations. People studying public speaking will find this book of immense practical value.

Command the Stage is supportive and encouraging in its tone. The author helps the reader understand that they will have greater command of the stage because they’ll have greater command of themselves by applying the strategies presented.

In short, Command the Stage thoroughly covers how a speaker can strategically use their notes, helping them be more effective in the preparation and the delivery. By following the suggestions presented, speakers will develop and deliver better speeches with greater confidence and better audience connection.


Coming Spring 2019!

earth from spaceThe Eco-Optimist’s Guide to Saving Our Planet reveals how you can use your interests and talents to make a difference by simply starting in your own home, business or community, or choosing a cause to support further afield. From species extinctions and ocean acidification to resource depletion, climate change and more, Earth’s ecosystems are being severely harmed. No one person can solve all of the problems our planet is facing. But if we all do something, our collective efforts will add to up to a lot. That’s why your contribution really does count!

In as little as 10 minutes, you can help heal our planet!  This is jam-packed with doable ideas to fit any interest, budget and schedule

You will discover:

  • Easy-to-apply ideas that take little to no money
  • Fun, interesting projects
  • Ways to meet like-minded people
  • Tips for volunteers
  • Tips for leaders of volunteers
  • Strategies for handling backlash
  • Strategies for self-care
  • Success stories
  • And more!

 If you were in a boat that was taking on water, would you help bail? The earth and her increasingly damaged ecosystems is that boat and we need everyone to do something. She can be saved if enough of us take action. The good news is we can all do something to help, it doesn’t have to be hard and it all matters!

Is it all doom and gloom? No. Can we have fun? Yes! Because you’ll be doing what you already like and possibly experiencing new and exciting things too! And there is satisfaction from making a difference.